The Wild Bunch – John Moller

John Reeve Moller

John’s childhood dream was to be a guide, and he’s been living that dream for over 30 years now. His zeal for wildlife, wild places, and the tribes of Africa keep his passion for his work alive.

Born and raised in Kenya, he has worked in Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Botswana to name a few, and has run camps in Iraq and Afghanistan, building invaluable experience in remote and extreme environments.

‘What I love about wild game and its habitats is that every day is a different story. The wilderness and the wildlife are nature’s own author: you read that story from daw to dusk, and yet it never repeats itself. You learn something different on a daily basis. The ‘early morning news’ is the tracks and signs left from the night before… That tells you what is near you, what has passed, and what is about to happen. It is an exciting and fulfilling occupation, one which I am passionate about, one which I live for. Having the privilege of sharing that with others simply adds to the experience.’

He loves taking long walks in far-flung places, and being a larger-than-life character with a past of beautiful and incredible experiences to draw on, he will always add something special to your time with him. It is an exciting odyssey being guided by John, and one that you’ll never forget.

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