Our camps have the feel of a home opened up and happily shared with you, and the philosophy behind it all was to create a comfortable base for exploration and adventure. Comfort denotes the physical, but more than that – it extends to the ambiance. We wanted to create a space where you can relax and settle in… Somewhere to feel at home, in an environment that is the furthest thing from your home.

mara north conservancy



The experience you have should be a distillation of the environment you’re in. Yes, the animals, but there is more to it than that: you wanted to come to Africa to feel it.

Camps tend to be a manifestation of the personalities behind them, and ours are no exception. If you’re part of these spaces for long enough, they seep into your pores, and a slow, gentle osmosis attunes your rhythm to the cadence of sunrises and seasons – and this permeates the atmosphere of our peaceful abodes.

Accordingly, tents blend into their surrounds, and are designed to afford the most minimal separation between you and the outside – there’s no cut and dried division where the wilderness ends. To truly immerse somewhere, you should be touched, reached, accessed by it… And much like in nature, our furnishings are simplistic and functional, but unobtrusively beautiful.

After a day out in the silence, solitude and indescribable immensity of the bush, the ancestral ritual of coming together to enjoy fire and food caters to our innate appreciation for sharing. We are social animals, and part of what makes things vivid and real to us is this capacity to share: the pleasure of dissecting your day, raking over the delicious details and unwrapping the delights over and again as you enjoy a meal, is what renders the evening perfect for digesting and processing the day.

Camp life is something unpretentious that unfolds according to the ingredients at hand – simple tasty food, solace from the unending bustle of contemporary life with no sacrifice of all the creature comforts that make it feel like home… The perfect setting for unforgettable adventure and a trove of memories to take away and treasure.

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