A hunting tutorial for Cheetah cubs

Step 1: Look incredibly cute.

Step 2: Build up your strength, so that you can join mama on a hunt!

Step 3: Wake up mama “Mam, mam come on mam we gotta go!”

Step 4: Find your prey and get into pouncing position, “Try not to make a sound.”

Step 5: Once your prey is distracted, “POUNCE”! Chase after your quarry until it’s worn out, remember Cheetah can run up to speeds of 114kph.

Step 6: Let Junior have a go at the chase, allowing him to hone his skills.

Step 7: Flex your new skills in front of Serian ‘The Original’s’ guest and famous wildlife photographer Pie Aerts, so they know you mean business.

Step 8: Mission successful!

Thanks to Jana Arnhold for the images.

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