Kisaru and the superb 6

Kisaru has risen to fame in the last few weeks here in Mara North due to her amazing skills at (so far) keeping all six of her cubs alive and well fed. It is commonly known that cheetahs can have big litters such as this family, but it is more uncommon that she successfully manages to raise them to adulthood. The Mara is known to have a few of these super mum cheetahs, but the odds are normally against them and only a few make it to adulthood.

The cubs were born in the last week of July in Enonkishu conservancy and then moved through to Ol Chorro, Lemek and now more recently have taken up residency in Mara North Conservancy. Cheetahs, and their cubs, tend to move a lot within a region so they can learn about different types of habitat as well as to experience encounters with prey, food competitors, humans and predators. This allows cheetahs to develop different behavioral strategies that all help with their own survival.

Kisaru is the daughter of Amani and the granddaughter of Saba which means she comes from seriously good genes and is proving to be a super mum, especially as this is her first litter! Cheetahs have unique spot patterns on their face, chest, body, limbs and tail which makes cheetah identification possible from as early as one month old. As cheetahs get older, their spots become more predominant which allows cheetah researchers to be able to track cheetah lineage.

Kisaru is hunting almost on a daily basis as she has many mouths to feed. Clients have been lucky to see her in action and the rangers here in Mara North are doing a good job at keeping an eye on this super star.

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