Mara Predator Conservation Programme -Fundraising Photography & Survey Safari

Niels Mogensen, Senior Programme Scientist at the Mara Predator Conservation Programme, and award-winning natural history photographer and film maker Trai Anfield invite you to join them on a truly unique wildlife photography safari and survey experience.

All proceeds from this safari are donated to MPCP and throughout the safari we will focus on the three most iconic predators of Kenya’s Maasai Mara: lion, cheetah and leopard, alongside the prey species that make up this complex ecosystem.  Along the way we will encounter a range of other predators and should African wild dog / painted wolf be in the vicinity during our stay we will prioritize this species too.

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Photo Credits: Rachel Ambrose, Gerard Ambrose, Andrew Brown, Eliza Deacon, Peter Haygarth, John Moller, Paul Sheen, Angus O'Shea, Roisin Perret, Anup Shah, Manoj Shah & Alex Walker.
Copy by: Robyn-Lee Ghaui
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