One common misperception is that ‘the migration’ connotes the renowned wildebeest river crossings. This, however, is only a small part of their annual migratory cycle. There is also the birthing season, the rut, and of course their movement up the length of the Greater Serengeti Ecosystem, and back.

Their reach spans Kenya’s Masai Mara at its northernmost tip, the full stretch of the Serengeti, and all the way down to the limits of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in the south. Our camps are situated to make the most of the two main spectacles: the river crossings, and the birthing season.
Mara North Conservancy
Masai Mara National Reserve
The buzz is all about the wildebeest river crossings, but it’s important to make sure the gnus don’t steal the whole show.. View More >>
The new year heralds a time of new life, and adorable offspring all around. Southern Serengeti hosts the wildebeest birthing season, while Kenya is abounding with young predators getting playful. View More >>
Serengeti National Park
Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Ngorongoro Crater
Maswa Game Reserve



Migration Movement


Loita Herds
Take inspiration from our itineraries that can show you how to piece it all together.

The Great Migration (Video)

Some “Great Migration” footage from the past season depicting the chaos and confusion engendered in the traumatic river crossings. Conquering the imagination, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and excited, this beautiful wild space offers a nurturing… Read More

River Passage

Between June and November, the Great Migration is making its annual passage back and forth across the Mara River, and we are lucky enough to have front-row seats to all the action in both Kenya… Read More

Crocodile Rocks

The Great Migration has captured the imagination of many, but few know that the true secret is to precede it with the freedom and exclusivity of Kenya’s private conservancies. The Serengeti’s river crossings can attract… Read More

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