River Passage

Between June and November, the Great Migration is making its annual passage back and forth across the Mara River, and we are lucky enough to have front-row seats to all the action in both Kenya and Tanzania. Incorporating the magical Masai Mara as well as the stunning Serengeti not only proffers the best opportunity to see multiple river crossings, it also gives you access to two world-renowned game-viewing areas that are as abundant as they are beautiful.


DAY 1 – Fly to Musiara. Game drive to Serian’s Nkorombo
DAY 2 – Serian’s Nkorombo
DAY 3 – Serian’s Nkorombo
DAY 4 – Serian’s Nkorombo
DAY 5 – Fly to Serengeti. Game Drive to Serian’s Serengeti Mobile (Lamai)
DAY 6 – Serian’s Serengeti Mobile (Lamai)
DAY 7 – Serian’s Serengeti Mobile (Lamai)
DAY 8 – Serian’s Serengeti Mobile (Lamai)
DAY 9 – Serian’s Serengeti Mobile (Lamai)
DAY 10 – Fly Serengeti to Nairobi


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