Crocodile Rocks

The Great Migration has captured the imagination of many, but few know that the true secret is to precede it with the freedom and exclusivity of Kenya’s private conservancies. The Serengeti’s river crossings can attract the crowds, and park restrictions keep you on the roads – but Mara North Conservancy’s limited membership, off-roading, night-driving and roaming free provide the perfect counterpoint in this symphonic safari itinerary.


DAY 1 – Overnight Nairobi (Sheba’s Secret Garden)
DAY 2 – Fly to Mara North. Game drive to Ngare Serian
DAY 3 – Ngare Serian
DAY 4 – Ngare Serian
DAY 5– Night out in The Nest, our Tree House
DAY 6 – Fly to Northern Serengeti and stay at Serian’s Serengeti Mobile (Lamai)
DAY 7 – Serian’s Serengeti Mobile (Lamai)
DAY 8 – Adventure Fly Camping
DAY 9 – Adventure Fly Camping
DAY 10 – Adventure Fly Camping
DAY 11 – Serian’s Serengeti Mobile (Lamai)
DAY 12 – Serian’s Serengeti Mobile (Lamai)
DAY 13 – Serian’s Serengeti Mobile (Lamai)
DAY 14 – Fly Serengeti to Kilimanjaro or Nairobi


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