Why Wifi is a dog

No, we’re not being rude… Adrian & Roisin, the wondrous managers of our Kenyan camps, actually own a dog of that very name. It came about as a response to the inevitable question: ‘do you have wifi here?’. They gleefully reply ‘Sure we do!’ and on cue, a furry bundle of tail-wagging joy arrives, usually with a stick for you to throw.

The real answer is that we don’t have any non-canine wifi – and it’s a matter of choice. Being in the wilderness offers an incredibly rare opportunity to disconnect from interminable emails, incessant status updates, and the constant 24 hour news cycle… and this is a precious gift that we’d like to share with you.

If you let it, the magic of these spaces will captivate and absorb you, and put in perspective your place in Nature’s great scheme, among the endless savannah, the predators and plants, under soaring birds and the wild forces of storms, wind and blazing sunshine, in front of life and death and everything in between…

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