Food & Fire

The day gently draws to a close and, as the last light glints across your lens, your thoughts turn from lions and leopards to wine and a succulent dinner.  

Nearby your staff from Serian are busy with a surprise. Instead of your familiar journey back to camp you detour through a lamplit clearing, perfectly set for an evening in the heart of the bush.  Lanterns and smiles glow in welcome, the fire’s warmth tempts you to curl into plump cushions and you are greeted with cocktails whose colours mirror the sunset.

This is a bush dinner Serian style: warm and authentic; elegant yet unpretentious.  The tableware shines and all the comforts and service you have come to expect are seamlessly transposed to the plains, for an unforgettable experience of dining in the wild.  Darkness draws in and conversation rolls back and forth under the stars, to a timeless soundtrack of crickets, frogs, night birds and crackling logs.  Food is conjured from fire, and friendships from this experience shared.  Memories are made to treasure.

We can only create an evening this perfect thanks to our wonderful staff, so we thought you’d enjoy some behind the scenes pictures of how your bush dining experience comes into being.

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Photo Credits: Rachel Ambrose, Gerard Ambrose, Andrew Brown, Eliza Deacon, Peter Haygarth, John Moller, Paul Sheen, Angus O'Shea, Roisin Perret, Anup Shah, Manoj Shah & Alex Walker.
Copy by: Robyn-Lee Ghaui
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