Trai Anfield – Photographer in residence

Book now and join Trai Anfield from 15th October – 15th November 2019.

“Merely seeing a species is rarely meaningful – what matters to me is the quality of encounter for both the photographer and the subject that’s what stays with us for life.”

She began her working life in the UK as a Countryside Ranger, then graduated as a meteorologist, before being recruited by the BBC, where she spent 13 years as forecaster, environment reporter, producer and film maker.

In 2012 she moved onto present BBC Radio 4’s flagship natural history programme, The Living World, and report for Saving Species and Shared Planet. A career highlight was standing in for Sir David Attenborough as presenter and narrator during the BBC’s Blue Planet Live! tour.

Trai founded ethically inspired photography and Adeo production company Enlightened Media, leading photography-focussed expeditions around the world.

She attributes her distinctive photographic style to the intimacy and involvement she see. with each subject, be it animal, person or landscape. The powerful dynamics of connection she creates between viewer and subject are striking.

Of her tours Trai says “Safari with me is not about careering around wild places and frantically ticking species off a list, but appreciating the culture of a country and quietly considering each animal we are privileged to encounter. My aim is to gain more understanding of its nature, behaviour and circumstance, and to convey something of its essence and its experience of the world through creative photography. Everyone is welcome on my tours, whether you need lots of tuition, or just a little creative inspiration. Just bring whatever kit you have, sense of adventure, plenty of patience and humour, and prepare to have the time of your life.”

Her ongoing concerns around climate change and species conservation are evident throughout her portfolio, and she supports a range of wildlife charities and initiatives.

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