Soul Searchers

Away from the crowds and nestled in a preserve of serenity and solitude, Serian’s Serengeti South camp enjoys a unique vantage point over the staggering spectacle of the wildebeest migration. We also share a home with Hadzabe hunter-gatherers, living completely traditionally and untainted by the touch of the outside world. Cousins of the Kalahari bushmen, they share a similar click-language as well as centuries-old bush lore and an intimate symbiosis with their environment. Come and experience their magical terrain as they guide you through the bush that they call home.


DAY 1 – Serian’s Serengeti South. Fly from Arusha to Ndutu
DAY 2 – Serian’s Serengeti South
DAY 3 – Adventure Fly camping
DAY 4 – Adventure Fly camping
DAY 5 – Adventure Fly camping
DAY 6 – Serian’s Serengeti South– Game drives
DAY 7 – Serian’s Serengeti South– Game drives
DAY 8 – Depart to Arusha for your flight home


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