Soul Drifter

On foot you will feel the opening of your senses, sharpening in response to the immediacy of the wilderness: vision, sound, smell all respond to the challenge of perceiving and reading the primordial signals of the bush. Alex, in company of traditionally attired and armed Hadzabe guides, will teach you to see the landscape through their eyes, and immeasurably enhance the richness of the way you experience it. Drink in the active participation of engaging with your surrounds, and cultivate a fuller appreciation of the myriad intricacies that make up the magic of the bush. By night, take adventure back to its roots with fireside meals and bedrolls under the stars, and relish the stripped-back simplicity that is the beauty of flycamping.

Combining our Serengeti Lamai camp with nights out adventure fly camping yields all the magic of our spectacular location, and gives a glimpse into the wild heart of safari as well as the simple luxuries of all your creature comforts.


DAY 1 –Fly to Lamai, Game drive to Camp
DAY 2 –Serian’s Serengeti Lamai–Game drives/Walks
DAY 3 –Walking and Adventure Fly Camping
DAY 4 –Walking and Adventure Fly Camping
DAY 5 –Walking and Adventure Fly Camping
DAY 6 –Walking and Adventure Fly Camping
DAY 7 –Walking and Adventure Fly Camping
DAY 8 –Serian’s Serengeti Lamai–Game drives/Walks
DAY 9 –Serian’s Serengeti Lamai–Game drives/Walks
DAY 10 –Fly from Lamai back home


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